First shoot: is The impossibility of love always a possibilit[y]

Come on out off the background

When I changed it from a statement to a question

This is his release

Turn away from me your whole body

Tilt your head just a little cock it

like you’re really coming to me

Loosen it all up

Now lean toward me with your whole body

Hold your arms and see what happens

Keep your hand

Now really exaggerate

We’ll do your chin up

Try two hands on the page

That seems weird

Keep playing the hand

Now tilt your head that way

What am I asking you for

It’s in the screen

We use what people say for another dance

Do you have time?

I don’t even have a watch.

You don’t know you’ve got that

part you there and part back there

Work your head a little up and down

Your face looks more alive the camera

sees it

Pull the whole body up


It looks like you just found it

Give me a look of surprise


Think What did you say? Like

you didn’t hear what I said

I’m not sure what I found here

Face your body

that way Yes

Overact the camera

deadens everything

Stretch your face and

bring it back to me

OK man thank you

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