One Symbol of Grief

One horse holds the hand and sheds his handbook.
One horse loops and drops, kicks a cylindrical pipe.
One kicks the back calf rotation.  This is the shimmy-shim out.
One kicks the other kicks dull metal music.  Sounds like a cylindrical pipe.
To tell the truth, a pelvic girdle leads with all its might.
The human pelvis: an object into which the neck may be inserted.
And the pelvis spirals out.  This is the absence of
Hands caused by halo effect.  O, the cylindrical calf,
Its spiral effect.  O, living dead life,
Quench my thirst with your contrarian muscle.
Sir, quench my abdominal ways; lift my leg overhead.
And if it becomes too much liquid, I too become the dead marionette.
I become the key grip, also hung backstage.
And if you feel the urge to slap me, slap my pelvic girdle.
The hand atop the foot atop is one symbol of grief.

About clairedonato

Claire Donato lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY. Her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in the Boston Review, Black Warrior Review, Fou, and Harp & Altar. She is the author of a chapbook, Someone Else's Body (Cannibal Books 2009). Claire graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008 and is currently completing an MFA in Literary Arts at Brown University.
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