In Memoriam- Anna

the world feels less substantial…my friend is gone.

radiant, bold, carefree, strong. anna always danced closely with the truth. when she spoke, a line was drawn in space and secret worlds opened. she was a constant unfolding: the more i knew her the hungrier i became. her exquisite sense of taste made me safe with her as an artist–surely anna could protect me from the demons of bad art!  her humor, love of music, words and art was so big it touched the corners of any room in which she stood.  her spirit was palpable.  an exotic creature and yet she was innately open about her humanity.  we often talked about the thickness of life, how strange and difficult it can be (like moving through honey) and yet–she always had an ease about her.  it was these polarities that i loved.

i truly believe we were made of the same skin and bones. we mirrored each other in so many ways that her mere presence validated me.  she understood without words some of my deepest struggles.  two weeks before she passed she said to me, “now, this is going to sound very new- agey–but, its as though we know each other from another dimension.”   knowing her intimately was a singular experience–for it is only with her that i have felt the quickening of truth and depth of knowing that two similar souls share.  thank you anna. – Jordan

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