Collaborative Portrait: Uncertainty

Pull your hair back a little bit.

Back up just a hair.

Chin up a touch.

It’s not a smile word

Whoops    focus    there

we go    What’s that

questioning here

I was trying to feel

uncertain maybe I was

trying too……………

you’ve gotta sort of look

away    you don’t want to

make it blast out    wrong mood

people always when they’re defensive

cover their chest    back a little more

drop your paper

where it was    don’t blink

hook your thumb

crossing your


spread your feet a little more

on the side though

quite read enough of it

change your arm

position again

straight into me


crush your arms

that’s more natural

don’t blink

drop the hand

no don’t drop it


looking at me

come back

with your face to me

lean over your shoulder

toward me

let the paper hang straight

I have an idea

behind your leg a little

go over and grab the paper

so we can read it

now fix your shirt

focus yep




don’t blink

I need to find


this camera can


top center point

skin and the gray

try your arm up

like that    let’s try

a couple like these

let me……………………..

see a little more finger

ok relax a second    what’s

your idea    more of a portrait

or you would have

it wasn’t really a

paper wrapped around

her leg too obvious

here’s my sign

you can barely read

can I see what you’re looking for

photo: © 2009 Bill Hayward

photo: © 2009 Bill Hayward

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